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Insights, knowledge and application of best practice management methodologies and approaches to empower your teams to achieve better results.
Expert advice for conquering your management challenges.
Strategies for being more productive and responsive to situations.
Examples of great management approaches to enhance your knowledge and experience.
Tips for using your superpowers to inspire and lead your team and increase your self awareness.
How to adapt your management style to each situation to get the best results.
Insights on how great managers motivate and approach their teams to get the best from them.

Clint Rahe


I was shocked by the poor management and leadership actions and behaviours at the start of COVID and want to share my 15 years of management training and experience spread across multiple industry sectors.

In my experience management is a tough gig if you are left along to figure it out by yourself.

That has led to the creation of this video series to give back some really simple tools, techniques and frameworks to make management work for you.

Together we will have your employees performing as self-managed teams so you can focus on the essential part of being a manager delivering results.

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