Do you work Monday’s?

I was asked a couple of weeks ago if I would consider working Monday’s.

My answer was……..No, well only for a million dollars!

No amount of money will be able to replace the firsts in life.

Like when your 2-year-old takes his first ride without stabilisers or when your children graduate from School, college, or University.

I am fortunate to run my own business and have a group of great clients which enables me to work 4 days.

Although as a business owner I’m always working but working smarter with automation that takes care of Monday’s.

It has taken me 25 years to realise less is more when it comes to managing your time.

Less time = increase focus on the important projects and deliverables.

More time does not necessarily mean more output.

Think 80/20 rule.

First ride without stabilisers

After my children go to school, I will have the next 12-18 years to work 5 days per week.

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