Busy Being Busy

Are you busy being busy? We pride ourselves on the word busy or busyness. But have you asked yourself the question, what am I busy doing?

It’s our intention more often than not just to let people know that we are actively engaged in whatever task or project that we’re currently working on. But if you look at the definition for busy, it comes up with a whole new meaning, being overloaded, being swamped, being buried, being unavailable. Not very empowering words.

What we need to do is reframe the word busy or use different words instead of that. So here are my top five words to use instead of being busy; Productive, achieving, captivated, dynamic, excited.

My personal favorite are combining the top two. I’m productive and achieving. If you use these words, you’re going get a better result. So next time someone asks you are you busy, try changing it up: I’m productive and achieving, see what results you get.

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