Leadership is a lot like being a parent

Have you heard this before, ‘I have to treat my staff like children?’

Leadership is a lot like being a parent.

I have said this a lot recently when it comes to managing team members and even the business units.

There are many transferable skills you can take from parenting especially at the moment with home schooling your children, it can be stressful.

Being a parent, you have the following duties:
1.      Create a safe environment.
2.      Give direction.
3.      Provide structure.
4.      Articulate expectations. (frequently)
5.      Give feedback on performance. (all the time)
6.      Provide opportunities to grow. (apart from feeding)
7.      Display empathy.
8.      Be firm but fair.
9.      Look at failure as lesson learned.
10.   Have FUN

It is not always easy and sometimes you have to do the things you don’t like doing, at the times you don’t like doing them.

BUT you do them regardless.

When relating to a team these are a couple of things to consider as they form the backbone of managing a team of people.

If you could put a few of these in place in the workplace it will have big benefits for your team and the results you achieve.

Are there any things I have missed from the list?

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