Practical Leadership Solutions

Partner with The Performance Edge to create transformational solutions within your organisation.

Working with you to find the best solution:

  • Bespoke programs for optimal results
  • Understand and develop individuals strengths and areas for development
  • Increase employee engagement, reduce staff turnover
  • Strategise solutions for smooth change and optimal growth
  • Create and implement effective processes

Step1 Consultation

We listen and gain an in depth understanding of the current challenges and work together to plan a solution

Step 2 Implementation

We make recommendations to take your organisation where it needs to be, whether that be programs, strategic planning or coaching for key individuals. 

Step 3 Reap the Rewards

Your teams will be stronger, more cohesive, and ultimately more motivated.

Leadership development

Business Solutions.

Executive Coaching & Mentoring

We will give you the fundamental skills to effectively lead others in achieving your business goals, mentoring you throughout the process to achieve maximum results.


High Performing Teams

Would you like your teams to work more collaboratively and communicate more effectively?

Facilitation & Consulting

Having a great facilitator and consultant can be the major factor leading to the success or failure of your business or team and the outcomes they want to achieve.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Clint across two employers. Initially I worked alongside Clint at GrainCorp where Clint supported our business leaders with leadership development and coaching. More recently Clint has been a supplier to the ATC where he worked with us in developing and running a very successful leadership development course for our General Managers. Clint is a highly experienced leadership coach and his business partnering skills are second to none. It is always great working with Clint. He takes the time to truly understand the challenges faced by the business and partners with the HR and Executive team in developing a range of solutions.

Testimonial Item

Orla Blair

Tip Top Bakery

Clint is a rare motivated individual who helps business leaders find their best self. His extensive experience in a variety of industries has led Clint to hold unique insights into the psychology of team building, leadership, self development and capability building. Throughout my years of working and facilitating with Clint I personally witnessed his highly developed stakeholder engagement skills, his business acumen and talent. He is knowledgeable, influential, entertaining, dynamic, honest, he works harder that anyone you will meet and he is always focused on the customer. If you are looking for someone to help grow and transform your team, business, group or for individual coaching Clint will make the process seamless. An expert in his field, a natural leader and a genuine person.

Testimonial Item

Erin Ryan

Allied Health Manager

It was a pleasure working with Clint and participating in his workshops. I use many skills that he taught me everyday, and he enthusiasm and energy while coaching is what helps to make the message memorable.

Testimonial Item

Laura Kovats

Corporate Controller at United Malt

Clint is an excellent facilitator and leadership coach. I was fortunate to work closely with Clint on a leadership development day recently and valued his knowledge, insights and ability to engage a room.

Testimonial Item

Victoria Russell

Head of Employee Experience at Coca-Cola Amatil

Clint assisted greatly with the development of our team through the leadership training & development courses he delivered. Clint can connect & engage with people at all levels. Importantly, Clint followed up after training sessions to ensure momentum was continued. His military background ensures he has a focus on outcomes.

Testimonial Item

Jeff Summerville

Trading & Risk Manager at GrainCorp Oil

Clint is a real asset to any team and creates value throughout the business. Whether working with frontline leaders or executives, his approach is honest, challenging and engaging.

Testimonial Item

Sarah Southwell

General Manager Human Resources at GrainCorp

Time with Clint is always value add. Highlights amongst his strengths include a highly effective and engaging style; connecting his deep insights with stakeholder development; and high levels of integrity and professionalism. Putting it simply - he makes a difference and is great to work with.

Testimonial Item

Reid Doyle

UK Trading Director - Saxon Agriculture

I was incredibly fortunate to work with Clint during my time leading Talent Acquisition at GrainCorp. Clint has the ability to engage, inspire and develop leaders to not only achieve what is required of them now, but with a view to what helps their future successes. He was a great influence in shaping my leadership style, and was always happy to help develop the GrainCorp TA team across a number of planning initiatives. I truly recommend Clint as a coach, mentor and colleague and hope I have the opportunity of working together in the future.

Testimonial Item

Matthew Coleman

Solution Leader & Talent Acquisition Manager at GFG Alliance - Australia

Clint had worked at Open Colleges as an assessor and was involved in the continuous improvement processes of the Fitness Program. Clint was one of the key subject matter experts used to identify improvements and innovations for our new fitness courses.

Testimonial Item

Robert Bikesic

Education Manager - School of Health and Community Services at Open Colleges

I am a leadership coach and facilitator, working with individuals and teams to work effectively in an inspired workplace, motivated to perform their best each and every day.


My background in military leadership and team development largely contribute to the way I approach coaching and facilitation in the corporate workplace; practical and instantly actionable. Over the past 8 years, I have worked across a variety of sectors, developing leaders at all levels to achieve the best outcomes for their teams. 

Leadership Coaching

I have the skills and experience to work with new and existing leaders to truly lead their teams and steer them towards the shared vision of the organisation.

Team Development

I have 20 years experience working with high performance teams, using tools and coaching to develop their self awareness and understanding of others, resulting in cohesive and effective teams.

Organisational Development

I have extensive experience in designing and delivering large culture change initiatives to increase organisation capability. 

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